[freetds] freetds 0.61/tdslib SIGSEGV

Dan Podeanu pdan at extreme.ro
Wed May 7 16:20:43 EDT 2003

I believe that there are some issues with freetds 0.61 - tdslib.
During a stability test, it crashes (SIGSEGV) constantly.

What is curious is that this happens on a connection that has
timeouts set (tds_set_timeouts(tds_login, 5, 5, 5);), without
it everything appears to be fine.

The stability tests consists in an endless loops of SELECT 1's,
sent to a MSSQL server (tds ver 7.0). Below is a gdb backtrace
of the crash:

#0  0x400ae0af in tds_check_socket_write (tds=0x8121d28) at write.c:227
227                     FD_SET(tds->s, &fds);
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x400ae0af in tds_check_socket_write (tds=0x8121d28) at write.c:227
#1  0x400ae16c in goodwrite (tds=0x8121d28) at write.c:258
#2  0x400ae296 in tds_write_packet (tds=0x8121d28, final=0 '\0') at
#3  0x400adf4b in tds_put_byte (tds=0x8121d28, c=67 'C') at write.c:174
#4  0x400adce5 in tds_put_n (tds=0x8121d28, buf=0xbffdf6a0, n=30) at
#5  0x400adda2 in tds_put_string (tds=0x8121d28, s=0x1e <Address 0x1e out of
bounds>, len=15) at write.c:114
#6  0x400b45f6 in tds_submit_query (tds=0x8121d28, query=0xbffdf870 "SELECT
1 AS Foo") at query.c:99
#7  0x08053ed1 in mssql_query(__mssql__*, __client_type__*, char const*,
...) (ms=0xbffef8a0, client=0x0,
    fmt=0x805d301 "SELECT 1 AS Foo") at mssql.c:195
#8  0x0804f1d1 in main (argc=0, argv=0xbffff96c) at cvsolsrv.c:564
#9  0x401c9082 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6

I can provide further information, if required. I can also replicate the
it quite easily.

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