[freetds] SP Syntax error using freeTDS and UnixODBC on Linux

Rogers, Tom tom.rogers at ccur.com
Wed May 7 16:17:20 EDT 2003

> Okay, I am dumbfounded.
> On my Linux machine with UnixODBC 2.2.3-1 using freeTDS 7.0 into a MS SQL
> 7.0 server I have a simple, sample app that calls a stored procedure using
> SQLBindParameter and SQLExecDirect.  The SQL server returns a syntax error
> if using escape clause syntax, "{ ? = call myproc(?, ?, ?) }".  I say this
> is on "my machine", as a colleagues machine the SQLExecDirect call runs
> fine, except no output params or return code.
> I am supposed to debug the no RC/Output params problem, but it is
> difficult as I can't get the SP to work in the first place.  I can execute
> the SP if I use the regular t-sql equiv:  "execute myproc NULL, val1,
> val2".  That works fine.  
> Oh, on my colleagues machine I have tried SQLMoreResults to fetch any
> recs/diag recs, etc.  That seemed to get the ReturnCode to show up but not
> the output param.
> I have searched the various mailing lists, news groups high and low and
> triple checked my config.
> What should I do?
> Thomas Rogers
> System Engineer
> Concurrent Computer Corporation
> phone: 215.712.7422 x7261

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