[freetds][freetds-Patches-731907]Choosingdatalengthwhenbindingfixed types

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it
Wed May 7 04:03:18 EDT 2003

> Hello
> > James, do you agree with this patch?
> > IMHO is not so good. Or we remove the cardinal type from
> > tds_set_column_type (and perhaps column_type from TDSCOLINFO) 
> > and change
> > all other code to handle all types or we use tds_set_column_type for
> > params...
> I don't know the code enough, but could someone explain to me why it's
> neccessary to map XSYBVARCHAR to SYBVARCHAR, at least for tds 
> 7 and up.
> Arnar

Cause switch became shorter and cause library handle varchar in the same way. Defining SQLVARCHAR as XSYBVARCHAR is only a trick... libTDS should use XSYBVARCHAR if SYBVARCHAR is specified and protocol is TDS7+...


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