[freetds] [ freetds-Patches-731907]Choosingdatalengthwhenbind ingfixed types

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Tue May 6 11:06:36 EDT 2003

> From: Frediano Ziglio [mailto:freddyz77 at tin.it]
> Sent: May 6, 2003 8:11 AM
> Il mar, 2003-05-06 alle 13:20, Arnar Birgisson ha scritto:
> > 
> > > 1.  Copy tds_set_column_type to a new function, say, 
> > > tds_set_param_type
> > > 2.  Remove tds_get_cardinal_type() from 
> tds_set_param_type (just use
> > > 'type')
> > > 3.  Modify param_info_alloc to call tds_set_param_type()
> > 
> > I did exactly this. After making this small change to the client (in
> > this case php):
> This patch lead to portability problem...
> > this worked perfectly. I haven't tried it extensively, but I ran a
> > procedure which silently accepted a varchar field with well over 400
> > characters.
> IMHO is not so good. Or we remove the cardinal type from
> tds_set_column_type (and perhaps column_type from TDSCOLINFO) 
> and change
> all other code to handle all types or we use tds_set_column_type for
> params...

(Arnar, thank you for the patch.  I don't know whether we'll use it
verbatim, but obviously at the very least it's a starting point.)  

Freddy, what Arnar did was demonstrate that tds_get_cardinal_type() was in
the way.  I didn't want to suggest he change tds_set_column_type(), because
I don't know the ramifications.  

We're both scratching our heads, istm, wondering if "cardinal type" isn't a
bogus concept.  That's the crux.  Do we need it, and, if so, why?  

I suspect we need it, because there are more server types than client types.
No application expects "XSYBVARCHAR" when asking for a column's type.  The
conversion has to be done, implicitly, in libtds: on receipt of XSYBVARCHAR,
we tell the client it's a SYBVARCHAR.  On sending to a TDS 7.0+ server,

The lesson, apparently, is to use "cardinal type" when we make
representations to the client only.  The error in tds_set_column_type() was
to go the opposite way: we knew we had XSYBVARCHAR, but told the server it
was an old-fashioned SYBVARCHAR.  

Next step would be to analyze inbound and outbound uses of
tds_set_column_type().  I'm betting it's 100% inbound except for sending
parameters.  If so, then I think we need Arnar's patch or something like it,
so as not to send bogus types to the server.  

The only other place I can think of that sends column types is BCP.  bpc.c
must do something different, because we send long varchar data successfully.



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