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Craig A. Berry craigberry at mac.com
Tue May 6 00:19:56 EDT 2003

At 1:49 PM +0200 5/5/03, Bernard Giroud wrote:
>one of this change is the hardcoding of UCS-2LE in tds_iconv_open.
>VMS only knows UCS-2. So iconv_open doesn't work, and because
>initialization is not aborted, it keeps sending something the server
>doesn't understand.
>How did you solve that problem, Craig ?

I punted on that.  As I think the ensuing discussion has shown, Freddy and James are still working out the portability/translatability of character set names.  It's looking like the translations will be done in sybase_character_sets.h and we'll need to put some VMS-specific code in there.  If the character set business is of primary importance to you, then stand by and/or try to catch the rapidly evolving support infrastructure by the tail.

If you just want to get a working FreeTDS on VMS, the easiest workaround at the moment would be drop the [.vms] directory from CVS or a recent nightly snapshot into a directory containing a final release 0.61 distribution.

At 8:07 AM -0400 5/5/03, James K. Lowden wrote:
>P.S.  If VMS doesn't have strncpy(), please consider adding one to

It's had strncpy() for something like 15-20 years (it'd take actual work to be more precise).  I think Bernard just meant he took the following line and stuck in a different spelling for the character set name:

        strncpy(server->name, "UCS-2LE", sizeof(server->name));

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