[freetds] tdsstring.c ansi alias problem

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Mon May 5 13:24:32 EDT 2003

> From: ZIGLIO Frediano [mailto:Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it]
> Sent: May 5, 2003 11:55 AM
> > 
> > Where is DSTR_CHAR defined?  I find only a forward 
> > declaration in tds.h.
> Yes, it's true. It's an undefined structure. I use a pointer 
> to undefined structure to be more type safe using C...

Oh.  That's an unusual technique; a comment would have saved us some time.

> Also in such way I can 
> extend dstring in future (like adding length and buffer size) 
> without breaking source compatibility.

Maybe, maybe not.  You're trading some potential future flexibility for
permanent opacity.  

If you add members to DSTR_CHAR, you're right, it will compile, because of
all the heavy duty casts.  OTOH, you won't get what you want: the buffer
size and length won't be set correctly until you notice the problem -- at
runtime -- and then fix the code.  And adjusting the code was what you're
trying to avoid, yes?  

I think it's better to expose the structure, for clarity, assigning the
pointer obviously, viz:

	typedef struct { char *s } DSTR_CHAR, *DSTR;
	char src[] = "hi";
	DSTR * s;
	/* then ... */
	s->s = src;

because that code can be understood by all compilers and many human beings.

To protect against outsiders peeking into DSTR_CHAR, it can be defined in
If you decide to change DSTR_CHAR, it won't be hard.  The logic and the
structure are both simple.  Am I missing something?  

> I did this to avoid free(dstring) or other wrong usage.
> If "*(char **) s = src;" is not OK perhaps it's a priority 
> problem... *((char**)s) = src should work better.

You're probably right about that.  



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