[freetds] iconv & bcp status

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Sun May 4 20:31:16 EDT 2003


Committed my first rip through bcp.c.  I don't consider it finished or
pretty, but it shouldn't function any worse than it did before I began.  

Of course TDSCOLINFO had to change.  It now can point to a TDSICONVINFO
structure, allowing us per-column iconv conversion.  

Bill, that whole fancy allocate-up-to-1000-buffers misdesign is gone. 
Using an idea based on something Frediano said, we now simply seek to the
delimiter ("measuring" the field), then seek back and read in chunks,
converting character data to server format on the fly.  This will
*prevent* reading from stdin, I know.  Oh, well.  We can support that
later, as a special case.  

Freddy, the preserve-state processing didn't compile.  I #if 0'd it out
because I didn't understand it.  I think I fixed a bug, too.  

Many things are undone and/or semiworking.  I have not tested nondelimited
data files, and that might be what's wrong with the bcp unit test.  

I noted everything I can remember about what needs attention in TODO.  

I didn't get the time I'd hoped today, which is why TODO is so long.  At
least now it's written down and consolidated from the ML.  Please feel
free to add to it or comment on it.  No point in working on things we
don't agree on.  


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