[freetds] request to implement dbmorecmds for dblib

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Thu May 1 14:30:35 EDT 2003

> From: Frediano Ziglio [mailto:freddyz77 at tin.it]
> Sent: May 1, 2003 12:30 PM
> > 
> > Using current CVS, 3 other dblib unit test also fail, 
> complaining about
> > pending results.  So there may be protocol or state 
> management issues
> > lurking, too.  I don't know yet.  
> > 
> I don't understand... I tried with Sybase 11.9.2 without problems...
> Only 2 test fail t0003 (tds, as stated a week ago) and dbmorecmds
> (dblib)

TDS 7.0 and 8.0.  I still think dbmorecmds.c is mistaken atm.  

It depends on the meaning of "fail" I guess.  Try "nohup make check; grep
^DB nohup.out" or similar.  For example:

Msg 3701, Level 11, State 5
Server 'NTS0090', Line 1
Cannot drop the table '#dblib0004', because it does not exist in the system
DB-LIBRARY error (severity 7, dberr 20019, oserr -1, dberrstr Attempt to
e a new SQL Server operation with results pending., oserrstr OpenClient):
found nts0090.tempdb for xxx in "../../../PWD"
About to logon
About to open
Dropping table
creating table

Something's fishy about that message.  


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