[freetds] request to implement dbmorecmds for dblib

Bill Stewart bstewart at verio.net
Thu May 1 14:28:57 EDT 2003


Lowden, James K wrote:
>>From: Bill Stewart [mailto:bstewart at verio.net]
>>Sent: April 30, 2003 3:51 PM
>>Let me know what else I might do to get dbmorecmds moving forward.
> Bill, 
> Your test is no good, yaar.  You have (abbreviated):
>         dbsqlexec(dbproc);
>         while (dbmorecmds(dbproc)) {
>                 more_count++;
>                 dbresults(dbproc);
>         }
> but both vendors say dbmorecmds() "should be called after dbnextrow returns
> NO_MORE_ROWS. If you know that the current command does not return any rows,
> you can call dbmorecmds after dbresults returns SUCCEED."  

I'll work on this. Thanks for the explaination. Hope this didn't suck up 
too much time. I think we use dbmorecmds here in our scripts in a 
strange and maybe not all together proper manner. I should have been 
less focused on that and more on the proper documents.

> I wrote our dbmorecmd() conformant to that description.  If the above code
> runs when linked with either vendor's library, let me know and maybe we can
> establish empirically what they're doing.  Else you need a loop more like:
> 	if( dbresults(dbproc) == SUCCEED ) {
> 		do {
> 			while( dbnextrow(dbproc) != NO_MORE_ROWS.);
> 		} while( dbmorecmds(dbproc) == SUCCEED )
> 	}
> Recommend you grab a more recent snapshot and modify the test.  It will be
> in tomorrow's snapshot as src/dblib/unittests/dbmorecmds.c.  

Will do.

> BTW, the query "select count(*) from #dblib0024 order by i" won't run on a
> Microsoft server because 'i' isn't in the select list.  Apart from that,
> it's a bit odd, ordering one row.  Were you trying to induce some particular
> behavior?  

Oops. I missed the removal of this, I copied from one of the other test 
programs, there should be no order by clause here. Sorry for that.

> Using current CVS, 3 other dblib unit test also fail, complaining about
> pending results.  So there may be protocol or state management issues
> lurking, too.  I don't know yet.  

Ok. Well I obviously need to get the basic test working properly first 
regardless of this issue.

Thanks again,

> Regards, 
> --jkl
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