[freetds] Running FreeTDS under VMS

Bernard Giroud bernard.giroud at creditlyonnais.ch
Thu May 1 11:54:46 EDT 2003

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Iconv problem:

  I'm using native VMS iconv. I first tried to copy necessary
  files with the names FreeTDS expects, without success.
  I then tried to put the VMS names in
  alternative_character_sets.h, but tds_canonical_charset_name
  doesn't seem to be used.
  Finally I added them in character_sets.h.

BTW, in making trials, I went thru the no HAVE_ICONV code
of tds_iconv, and I had to make the correction:

        /* FIXME best code, please, this do not convert unicode <->
singlebyte */
        if (output_size > *input_size)
                output_size = *input_size;
        memcpy(output, input, output_size);
        /* *input_size += output_size; BG: should decrement */
        *input_size -= output_size;
        return output_size;


  what is the purpose of emul_little_endian ?
  That should be only applicable to the client side, shouldn't?
  Anyway, I had to leave it to 0 with this kind of code:

        if (IS_TDS7_PLUS(tds)) {
#ifndef VMS
                /* TDS 7/8 only supports little endian */
                tds->emul_little_endian = 1;
  But I can't see why it should be limited to VMS...

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De : Lowden, James K <LowdenJK at bernstein.com>
À : 'FreeTDS Development Group' <freetds at lists.ibiblio.org>
Date : jeudi, 1. mai 2003 17:35
Objet : RE: [freetds] Running FreeTDS under VMS

> Is it the place to ask the questions ?

Sure is. :-)

> After getting snapshot (20030430), I finally managed to make it work under
> VMS,
> but I have discovered a few problems, and I tend to be inconsistent
> my mods and what is already in place in two areas: iconv and endian
> processing ?

iconv processing is in a high state of flux, and I'd be very interested to
hear anything you're having problems with.  Are you using GNU iconv, or does
VMS have its own?

Endianism we like to think is all squared away, no problem.  What seems to
be the trouble?


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