[freetds] charset, mssql

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Thu May 1 01:22:19 EDT 2003

On 30 Apr 2003 08:12:51 +0200, Frediano Ziglio <freddyz77 at tin.it> wrote:
> We have different commit habits :)
> My method is proceed with small steps (when possible and I learn to do
> it mostly) and commit ASAP. 

I like your style.  For me, it depends what I'm doing.  When I'm working
on a "big" idea, something that affects the design and touches several
files, I find I have to work and re-work it, frequently deleting earlier
attempts as I grow to understand what's really happening. [1]

The current state of cvs vis-a-vis charset handling is a compromise in
that way.  There are runtime problems, but to wait until my side was
completed would have imposed merge problems, so I opted for "compiles,
might run" instead of "works to my satisfaction".  

Then there is the problem of my offline life commandeering my hobby time. 

The BCP stuff should have smaller merge implications, as long as my
uncommitted code isn't preventing you from doing something.  

Sunday looks good.  Doesn't it say, "On the seventh day He rested, on the




Wired has an article about John Carmack, of id software.  I'm not him, of
course, but something he said echoes my experience:

"It was one of those really elegant solutions," says Carmack, that could
come only after grueling hours of work. "There's this cultural stereotype
of a person staring off into space until a light bulb turns on, but that's
just intellectual laziness. You have to get inside a problem and work it."

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