[freetds] Segfault in tds_convert_key

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Wed Apr 30 14:17:38 EDT 2003

> Seems very odd to me that it dies in that spot.  TSQL connects
> to the mssql2k database no problem with the exact same code.  
> I attempted to use gdb to discover exactly where it dies but it 
> appears the memory is corrupted upon dead and gdb could not 
> read any of the frames.  
> Does this have anything to do with the charset problem?  If I comment
> out the call to tds_answer_challenge(*) and rebuild the libraries it 
> removes the segfault problem.

Usually I'm lucky with debugging stuff...
Try to use ISO-8859-1 for your coding. If this work it's a conversion
problem (tsql use always this conversion).
If this do not work try ElectricFence (there are versions for many
*nix). This library help to detect buffer overflows and underflows.


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