[freetds] Good Job!! boys with UTF-8

Aliet Santiesteban Sifontes alietss at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 29 22:11:29 EDT 2003

Hello People:
Hey I just would like to thank's the really good job
done for you in the works with UTF-8, today at last I
built php-4.3.2 freetds-0.62 latets snapshot trought
mssql extension on a RedHat 9.0, TDS versión 7.0, TDS
8.0 not works, I did the test against a SQL2k without
no problems in select upadates and inserts with words
with acent etc, everything was very good, I'm very
exiting about this. So congratulations again. Hey
James it was a nice job and very fast.... 
                             Regards Aliet

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