[freetds] Compiling freetds 0.61 source in cygwin

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Tue Apr 29 01:54:11 EDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 12:01:20 +0800, Anthony Kong <anthony.kong at ufjia.com>
> Hi, James,
> I really have no idea about the MIME setting (if it is my mailer problem
> or not), so let's just give it a shot.

Got it, at last.  I see what's wrong, but not why.  

I ran "diff -u" on your config.log and mine.  After some noise, we arrive

--- config.log  Wed Apr 23 21:45:51 2003
+++ t   Tue Apr 29 01:22:24 2003 # your file
-tds_sysdep_int64_type='long long'

That's bad, because "tds_sysdep_int16_type" et. al. aren't getting defined
on your system.  That's the origin of the "No 16-bit int found" error. 
Then, later on:

@@ -2101,394 +1090,25 @@
-#define SIZEOF_CHAR 1
-#define SIZEOF_DOUBLE 8
-#define SIZEOF_FLOAT 4
-#define SIZEOF_INT 4
-#define SIZEOF_LONG 4
-#define SIZEOF_SHORT 2
+#define SIZEOF_CHAR 
+#define SIZEOF_FLOAT 
+#define SIZEOF_INT 
+#define SIZEOF_LONG 
+#define SIZEOF_SHORT 
 #define SIZEOF___INT64 0

As you can see, my system unsurprisingly has definitions for all these
SIZEOF macros; yours has none (due to the first problem).  Note that we
neither of us has SIZEOF___INT64; that's OK.  The error you found in
config.log is normal.  It means the test failed, but that's the purpose of
tests that prove nonexistence.  You'd never see it unless you look into
the file.  

As I said, I don't know why configure is failing under Cygwin to define 
"tds_sysdep_int16_type" and friends.  It's impossible for me to be *sure*
it's not a local problem with your installation.  If we're lucky, this is
a known problem with some versions of autoconf or something, meaning we
can generate a new version or conceivably patch the old one.  :-/

Please have a look around the cygwin lists for hints and pointers.  The
configure script you're using is the output of autoconf; its version
should be among the comments at the top of the file.  I can't see anything
we should do differently, but if someone does, I'm happy to change it.  



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