[freetds] t0003 test

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it
Mon Apr 28 05:03:30 EDT 2003

I update this test and now it fail.
Problem is TDSENVINFO. This structure is defined in tds.h as

typedef struct tds_env_info {
	int block_size;
	char *language;
	char *charset;
	char *database;

However is never update (should be updated by tds_process_env_chg() in token.c).
Current implementation call a callback (TDSSOCKET.env_chg_func) to inform client library to store the change.
To fix the problem we can 
- remove the 3 char* field 
- put block_size in TDSSOCKET structure
- remove t0003 test (or change it)
(IMHO the best solution)
- set these fields
- change library to use that fields (dblib and perhaps ctlib store these information)

Opinions? Other solution?


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