[freetds] Compiling freetds 0.61 source in cygwin

Anthony Kong anthony.kong at ufjia.com
Sun Apr 27 23:39:26 EDT 2003


Thanks for your reply.

First of all I did not find any include/config.h. Instead I have found
Using grep I found this lines:

232:/* The size of a `short', as computed by sizeof. */
233:#undef SIZEOF_SHORT

In the config.log I see something interesting...


configure:8899: checking for __int64
configure:8920: gcc -c -g -O2  -D_FREETDS_LIBRARY_SOURCE conftest.c >&5
configure: In function `main':
configure:8942: `__int64' undeclared (first use in this function)
configure:8942: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
configure:8942: for each function it appears in.)
configure:8942: parse error before ')' token
configure:8923: $? = 1
configure: failed program was:
#line 8904 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"
#include <stdio.h>
# include <sys/types.h>
# include <sys/stat.h>
# include <stdlib.h>
# include <stddef.h>
#  include <stdlib.h>
# endif
#  include <memory.h>
# endif
# include <string.h>
# include <strings.h>
# include <inttypes.h>
#  include <stdint.h>
# endif
# include <unistd.h>
main ()
if ((__int64 *) 0)
  return 0;
if (sizeof (__int64))
  return 0;
  return 0;
configure:8939: result: no
configure:8942: checking size of __int64
configure:9212: result: 0
configure:9223: error: No 16-bit int found.


The 16-bit int test seems to have very little output. Could __int64 interfer
the test of 16int or simply the test of 16int is skipped altogether by

Anyway, i have attached the full log file.



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> From: Anthony Kong [mailto:anthony.kong at ufjia.com]
> Sent: April 25, 2003 12:21 AM
> When I run ./configure, I encountered the error message:
> [snip]
> checking size of char...
> checking for short... yes
> checking size of short...
> checking for long... yes
> checking size of long...
> checking for int... yes
> checking size of int...
> checking for float... yes
> checking size of float...
> checking for double... yes
> checking size of double...
> checking for long double... yes
> checking size of long double...
> checking for long long... yes
> checking size of long long...
> checking for __int64... no
> checking size of __int64... 0
> configure: error: No 16-bit int found.
> How can I get around this problem? The version of cygwin is
> CYGWIN_NT-5.0 WS054 1.3.15(0.63/3/2) 2002-11-06 22:41 i686 unknown

Nothing leaps out at me, Anthony.  The message implies that the "short" type
isn't 16 bits, which if course it is....

Let's start with something simple.  What says "grep -i short
include/config.h"?  I get:

        /* The size of a `short', as computed by sizeof. */
        #define SIZEOF_SHORT 2

Also, does config.log offer any hint? 


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