[freetds] developer issue: BCP_COLINFO

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it
Tue Apr 22 06:13:08 EDT 2003

> I spent quite a bit of the weekend going over bcp.c tracking down
> UTF-8 issues.  I noticed that BCP_COLINFO functionally duplicates
> TDSCOLINFO, making the code harder (for me at least) to understand. 
> More important, as TDSCOLINFO info changes to support iconv, those
> same changes are going to have to be re-invented in BCP_COLINFO.  
> It would be nice IMO if someone had the time to rip out BCP_COLINFO
> and replace it with TDSCOLINFO.  If nothing else, I'll do that when I
> migrate bcp.c from db-lib to libtds, in preparation for blk-lib use.
> (I also think the "column_" prefix should go.)   
> Here's my analysis of the two structures.  
> tab_colnum

Perhaps this info will be useful in TDSCOLINFO too (think at SELECT ... FOR BROWSE)

> db_type		column_type
> db_length	column_size
> db_nullable	column_nullable
> data		column_offset 	// semantically different

?? I don't know bcp very well... what difference ?

> data_size 	column_cur_size
> db_usertype	column_usertype
> db_flags	column_flags
> db_type_save	on_server.column_type
> db_prec		column_prec
> db_scale	column_scale
> db_collate	column_collation
> db_name		column_name
> db_varint_size	column_varint_size
> db_name		column_name
> db_minlen	// not used	
> db_maxlen	// not used	
> db_colcnt	// not used	
> db_status	// not used	
> db_offset	// not used
> db_default	// not used	
> db_size		// not used	

So, they should be removed...

> txptr_offset	column_textpos

No, it's not the same. txptr is stored in data, column_textpos has another meaning.

> As you can see, BCP_COLINFO has many fields not in TDSCOLINFO, but
> only one of these is used.  
> I also noticed that DBPROCESS::bcp_columns is an array of pointers to
> BCP_COLINFO structures.  It turns out, however, that we always know
> how many columns there are, so we could allocate an array of structs
> directly, gaining some efficiency and losing one level of
> indirection.  
> For completeness, here are the TDSCOLINFO members not represented in
> column_namelen

Required if we plan to output UCS2/4 too...

> on_server.column_size
> table_namelen
> table_name

> column_writeable
> column_identity


> column_output


> column_operator
> column_operand

compute infos

> column_bindtype
> column_bindfmt
> column_bindlen
> column_nullbind
> column_varaddr
> column_lenbind

These fields should be changed (when ZeroCopy will be implemented), libTDS do not use them...

> column_text_sqlgetdatapos

Ugly (used only in ODBC) !!!

Many library require to extend this structure so they allocate another array with additional information. Perhaps extendind TDSCOLINFO and use pointer to extended column infos (like inheritance in OOP) is another idea (intead of removing a level of indirection use it)...
Just define some callback (alloc_column/free_column in TDSSOCKET) and use it.

Just to save other byte. ICONVINFO is huge. Instead of copy names use pointer to static data.


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