[freetds] FreeTDS & PEAR's db.php library

Frank M. Kromann frank at kromann.info
Mon Apr 21 19:04:11 EDT 2003

Perhaps a late answer ?

PHP has support for two extensions (MSSQL and Sybase) both extensions can
be compiled against FreeTDS, mand both extensions exposes mssql_* function

In the case of the Sybase extension these names are generated as aliases
for the sybase_* functions. The "native" MSSQL extension includes
additional functions (batch selects and stored procedures). These php
documentation pages lists the differences.


Depending on how you compile php it will require a mssql.so fil to use the
mssql_* functions. This file should be copied to the correct extensions
folder (during the make install process or manually).

- Frank
> Well, after further investigation, it at this point, doesn't seem to be
> FreeTDS.
> The problem lies in a library file, in which it is making a dl() method
> and it is for some reason escalating a simple warning to a fatal error
> following):
> Unable to load dynamic library './mssql.so' - Cannot open "./mssql.so"
> DB.php on line 564
> now, if anyone has expertise on escalation of warnings to errors in php,
> could use the help, otherwise I'll leave the list alone, with my
insanity :)
> Cheers,
> Shawn Greene
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> > I have been using FreeTDS 0.60 to connect to the MSSQL
> > database here for a
> > long time, and it works great.  I have mod_php4 (v 4.3.2)
> > installed with
> > SybaseDB support and this setup works great when using the
> > mssql_* commands to access the database.
> ...
> > #2 how does FreeTDS allow php to use the mssql commands when
> > /usr/local/lib/php/mssql.so is not there for it to utilize?
> I don't understand what you mean by "mssql commands", Shawn, or, if I
> then FreeTDS isn't "allowing" anything, really. It's up to the runtime
> linker to find the appropriate library and resolve the call.
> > #3 (part of #2) is it using sybase?
> More nouns, please.
> I'm not familiar with PEAR, but if it relies on DBD::Sybase then I don't
> why it can't be made to work.  There are some things DBD::Sybase
> that FreeTDS hasn't implemented (yet), but that doesn't sound like what
> you've bumped into.
> --jkl
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