[freetds] unixODBC failing to connect.

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Thu Apr 17 07:01:52 EDT 2003

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 19:06:11 -0400 (EDT), Brian Bruns <camber at ais.org>
> Only problem is i'll need to look at every name/value pair since i want
> to detect extraneous or mispelled key strings.  i'd be very nterested in
> seeing the code as it should be adaptable to the task.


I doubt you'll want to muck with the code, though.  :(  It's in C++.  

You'd need nvp.cpp, nvp.h, and Makefile.  print.cpp is just a simple

The right way to do validation, it seems to me, would be an enhancement to
nvp.  Express all valid entries and domains in a data file (a special form
of the .ini, I guess), let nvp make the comparison for you, and then
iterate over the baddies.  It would be hard for nvp to detect invalid
combinations (like "try domain login" + "TDS 5.0"), but it would be simple
to detect invalid names and values.  

Adding validation and iteration to the library seems like a very good
idea.  At present, there's no iteration, which is trivial to add. 
Validation would be more work, but would lean on the existing constructs. 

If you want to use it and don't want to deal with the C++, I'll take care
of it.  OTOH, Peter mentioned the easysoft libini, too.  Perhaps that
already does what you want.  



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