[freetds] unixODBC failing to connect.

Peter Harvey pharvey at codebydesign.com
Wed Apr 16 12:11:41 EDT 2003

Brian Bruns wrote:
> I think that this just goes to prove that we desperately need a program to 
> test the freetds.conf for validity.  This is my next freetds related 
> task.  I also need to figure out how to tie in ODBC ini file checking 
> though.  odbcinst -j will give us the location of files then we just need 
> to compare that against freetds.conf entries.

The Interbase ODBC driver created by Easysoft is an example of how the 
ODBC driver setup can be extended beyond the simple stuff supported by 
default in ODBCConfig. In other words someone using ODBCConfig to setup 
the FreeTDS ODBC driver could be presented a more comprehensive dialog 
to handle the complete FreeTDS client config.

Let myself, or perhaps Nick Gorham, know if you need assistance on this.

BTW: unixODBC has an ini library in it but you may be better off using 
the Win API for this and not be dependent upon a specific ini library. 
If you choose a specific ini library feel free to consider libini in 
unixODBC :)

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