[freetds] Latest snapshot

Thompson, Bill D (London) ThompBil at exchange.uk.ml.com
Wed Apr 16 08:38:04 EDT 2003


I know it's work in progress , but I thought I'd download and try out the
latest snapshot:

1) I use a good old fashioned C compiler which has served me well for many
years, so it objected to the C++ style comments (in tds.h and

2) from Solaris to MS SQL 2000, the code goes into an endless loop in
    ...I guess "len" never gets decremented to 0

      if (IS_TDS7_PLUS(tds)) {
        eob = s + len;  /* 1 past the end of the input buffer */
        while (len > 0) {
            tdsdump_log(TDS_DBG_NETWORK, "%L tds_put_string converting %d
bytes of \"%s\"\n", len, s);
            output_size = len * bpc;
            if (output_size > sizeof(buffer))
                output_size = sizeof(buffer);
            bytes_out = tds_iconv(to_server, tds->iconv_info, s, &len,
buffer, output_size);
            s = eob - len;
            tds_put_n(tds, buffer, bytes_out);
        tdsdump_log(TDS_DBG_NETWORK, "%L tds_put_string wrote %d bytes\n",
        return bytes_out;



Bill Thompson
Securities Services Division
Merrill Lynch Europe

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