[freetds] unixODBC failing to connect.

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Tue Apr 15 16:19:42 EDT 2003

> From: Jeff Honey [mailto:jhoney at psmanagement.net]
> Sent: April 15, 2003 10:07 AM
> FreeTDS .61 (stable)
> unixODBC 2.2.5
> I have had a tremendously difficult time in getting what at 
> first appeared
> to be a relatively simple thing to work. Everything compiled 
> and installed
> flawlessly but after a number of earnest attempts, I am still 
> without ODBC
> to my MSSQL server from my linux box. tsql testing seems to 
> bear out that
> FreeTDS works connecting directly to the server, though. 
>                 Entry:            
>                         Connection = 0x804f018            
>                         Server Name = [testserver][length = 

OK, you're going to try to connect to "testserver".  

>                 DIAG [S1000] Client unable to establish connection

... and don't. :( ...

> contents of TDSDUMP:
> 2003-04-15 09:32:38.219047 iconv will convert client-side 
> data to the ""
> character set
> 2003-04-15 09:32:38.220719 IP address pointer is NULL
> 2003-04-15 09:32:38.220741 Server SYBASE not found!

... because the FreeTDS driver was not passed a valid servername.  

> [testserver]
> Driver          = TDS
> Description     = Northwind sample database
> Trace           = yes
> Servername      =
			^^^^^^^^^^^^  should be "testserver".
> Database        = Northwind
> UID             = sa
> [global]
>         tds version = 4.2
>         initial block size = 512
>         swap broken dates = no
>         swap broken money = no
>         text size = 64512   
> [testserver]
   ^^^^^^^^^^ Put this in the "Servername" entry, above
>         host = testserver.foo.com
>         port = 1433
>         tds version = 8.0

The ODBC driver reads ODBC.INI to get the "real" servername, which it passes
to FreeTDS (which in turn looks up the ip address of the name in the "host"

If you don't change anything, and set TDSDUMPCONFIG, I think you'll see
FreeTDS trying to connect to but failing because the TDS
version number isn't right.  When FreeTDS can't resolve a name to an address
(gethostbyname() fails), it will try using the passed string as an address.
Not much of a feature anymore, really.  

I think you'll be OK if you change the "Servername" entry in ODBC.INI: 

	Servername = testserver

because you have [testserver] in freetds.conf. 

You don't *have* to use both these files.  We tried to make that clear in
the User Guide.  http://www.freetds.org/userguide/x1853.htm.  Anything you
can do to make that more understandable would be welcome. :-)



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