[freetds] some small patches...

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Tue Apr 15 10:40:46 EDT 2003

> From: Thompson, Bill D (London) [mailto:ThompBil at exchange.uk.ml.com]
> Sent: April 15, 2003 8:38 AM
> As I am about to go into production with freetds in the next 
> few weeks, I
> don't want to take the latest snapshot with all the charset 
> stuff

Good news, bad news, eh?  

I'm applying these, but I have a couple of questions.  

> +    case SYBDATETIME:
> +        memset(varaddr, '\0', 8);
> +        break;


> void
> dbexit()

> void tds_free_context(TDSCONTEXT *context)
> {
>     if (context && context->locale) {

tds_free_locale() returns immediately if its argument is NULL.  No need to
check it here.  IMO the rule should be that the tds_free* functions can be
passed null pointers harmlessly.  

>         tds_free_locale(context->locale);
>         context->locale = NULL;
>     }
>     if (context)
>         TDS_ZERO_FREE(context);
> }

Does "free(NULL)" cause a problem with your libraries?  It's not supposed
to; you should be able to free a null pointer without penalty.  If that *is*
a problem, we should change TDS_ZERO_FREE() to avoid it, add a note to our
CodingStyle or something, to let people (like me) know they can't rely on

This could be simplified to:

tds_free_context(TDSCONTEXT *context)

Does that work for you?   

> void tds_free_locale(TDSLOCALE *locale)
Already dealt with, per your prior message.  



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