[freetds] FREE-TDS 0.61 on QNX 4.25

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Mon Apr 14 12:29:32 EDT 2003

> From: GUTIERREZ Pablo TESIS-TAMSA [mailto:Tesgup at tamsa.com.mx]
> Sent: April 14, 2003 11:38 AM
> If you run ./configure under native QNX's Korn Shell it prints lots of
> errors and configuration data in files (such as max_cmd_len 
> in ./libtool or ./include/configure.h) is wrong or empty. 

A simpler explanation is that configure is a Bourne shell script.  It should
be expected to work when processed by a Bourne shell interpreter.  It should
not be expected to work when processed by any other interpreter, be it Korn,
Perl, Python, csh, etc.  The mere fact that Bourne and Korn are both shells
doesn't make them interchangeable, or even more than minimally similar.  

> If someone have QNX 4.25 and is willing to produce a 
> ./configure that runs
> in QNX's Korn shell please get in touch with me to work together.

The configure script is generated by GNU autoconf, which targets Bourne
shell syntax.  It changes as the project changes, and as autoconf changes.
Hacking it is pointless.  

Bash does a fairly good job of being Bourne compatible, and compatibility is
one of the project's expressed goals.  Many Linux distributions, notably
Debian IIRC, ship only Bash and rely on its Bourne-compatible behavior when
invoked as "sh".  Unless the QNX Korn shell has similar aspirations, you're
much better off using Bash to run configure.  


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