[freetds] Things to do

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Sat Apr 12 03:21:54 EDT 2003

> > - test variable-byte (utf8/big5)
> Yes.  Except I don't know if we have to handle stateful encodings.  If your
> algorithm is ready for prime time, OK.  

Perhaps my algorithm is perfect. However it's only in pseudo-language...

> > - test all string length computation and rewrite some code (many code
> > assume fixed character conversions)
> Much also assumes the first zero byte terminates a string...  And many OS's
> don't provide a wide-character equivalent of strlen() et. al.  Makes me wish
> for C++ and STL and basic_string<>, but I think we're going to get away with
> pointer-to-buffer + count-of-bytes.  

We can use this method
- hold length in bytes
- is fixed size (min == max) ? len = bytes / min
- is utf8 ? use formula
- convert string to ucs4 (using a temporary buffer) and count converted

> > - SQLGetInfo
> All of SQLGetInfo?  Or just just what's in TODO?

All in TODO. Is not difficult to implement SQLGetInfo (just return what
odbc driver support).


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