[freetds] iconv_t

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Fri Apr 11 11:52:42 EDT 2003

> From: Mark J. Lilback [mailto:mark at lilback.com]
> Sent: April 11, 2003 9:16 AM
> At 7:41 AM +0200 4/11/2003, Frediano Ziglio wrote:
> >Yes, iconv_t do not exists in win32.. Also Mac OS X have different
> >functions...
> iconv works on Mac OS X, it just isn't installed by default. I'd just 
> prefer to add in support for the native Mac OS X character set 
> translations so that I don't have to compile in iconv statically 
> (adding a lot to the file size) when I distribute the freetds dynamic 
> libraries with my application.

This sounds completely reasonable to me.  I want my work to support yours,
so if I get in your way somehow, please shout.  

> I started working on an implementation of iconv that uses the native 
> translation facilities, but it ends up having one problem. It also 
> requires mapping all the iconv charset names to the Mac OS constants 
> for each character set (I already did Unicode, but with the new 
> changes I'll need to work on other character sets, too). 

What at drag, eh?  Isn't the problem hard enough without having to cope with
nonstandard identifiers?  

I'm going to provide a function that will accept a name and return the
standard name.  AIUI, there are some nonstandard names whose meaning is
ambiguous; those will return NULL.  We need a similar function to return
Sybase/Microsoft names when passed a standard name.  

OS X uses integers instead of strings?  That's intelligent, but I can't
believe you're the first guy to need a mapping to cannonical names.  How do
you print the character set name?  

> There also 
> appears no way to get "the number of non-reversible conversions 
> performed" that is returned by iconv.

That's one reason I'm going to change the tds_iconv signature to match
iconv's.  I have to believe Bruno Haible knows what he's doing, no reason
not to follow his lead.  

> Testing will be hard


> I will need to finish this implementation before James finishes his 
> changes, however. Right now I'm using a hacked up version of iconv 
> that only supports the unicode, isolatin 1-14, and macroman variants. 

I think we're back to baseline functionality (Latin clients and UCS-2
servers), and even perturbing tds_iconv isn't likely to change that.  Next
stop for me is UTF-8 clients.  Then UCS-2 clients.  For that, we have to zap
practically every strlen() in the system, and ensure that every such
reference relates to the byte count.  At least, that's been my working


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