[freetds] iconv_t

Mark J. Lilback mark at lilback.com
Fri Apr 11 09:15:32 EDT 2003

At 7:41 AM +0200 4/11/2003, Frediano Ziglio wrote:
>Yes, iconv_t do not exists in win32.. Also Mac OS X have different

iconv works on Mac OS X, it just isn't installed by default. I'd just 
prefer to add in support for the native Mac OS X character set 
translations so that I don't have to compile in iconv statically 
(adding a lot to the file size) when I distribute the freetds dynamic 
libraries with my application.

I started working on an implementation of iconv that uses the native 
translation facilities, but it ends up having one problem. It also 
requires mapping all the iconv charset names to the Mac OS constants 
for each character set (I already did Unicode, but with the new 
changes I'll need to work on other character sets, too). There also 
appears no way to get "the number of non-reversible conversions 
performed" that is returned by iconv.

Testing will be hard, though I can probably use the iconv tests for 
the character set translations I support. But only knowing English 
doesn't help.

The third part will be adjusting the build process to include 
necessary compiler flags for linking with native frameworks.

I will need to finish this implementation before James finishes his 
changes, however. Right now I'm using a hacked up version of iconv 
that only supports the unicode, isolatin 1-14, and macroman variants. 
This saves a lot of space in my distribution, but won't work once we 
start supporting any server character set.

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