[freetds] php ms-sql image type retrieval problem

Will Saxon WillS at housing.ufl.edu
Thu Apr 10 08:35:39 EDT 2003


I have been working for a short while trying to extend a small web application we have to store images in an SQL database. While the insertion script seems to work, attempting retrieval causes PHP to crash with a bus error "error_handler: Data-conversion resulted in overflow." - which I believe is actually FreeTDS complaining, not PHP.

I have the PHP magic_quote_runtime, _gpc and _sybase turned on for the script. I have (almost) successfully used a text type field to store this data (seems to get truncated for some reason) so I believe my code is at least partially correct.

I have found 1 message in the archive from December that indicates all quotes have to be quoted and NULL characters stripped at some point to keep this from happening. Will this not corrupt my output? I am not sure if the NULL character is valid or necessary for the file formats I am using (in this instance .png).


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