[freetds] one more questions

Victor Gamov vit at lipetsk.ru
Thu Apr 10 06:34:31 EDT 2003


I have one more questions about FreeTDS and DBD::Sybase.

My DBD:Sybase-0.94 does not work with freetds-0.61. I have "Segmentation 
fault" when connect to DB. Yes I can upgrade to 0.99 but I must upgrade 
Perl in this situation too.

Another question -- does ping() method work properly?  When I kill 
connection on M$ SQL side it still return 1 but FreeTDS-0.60 (with my 
putches to use properly return code in write.c and query.c) return 
"Broken pipe".

And one more question :-)  When I use "USE dbname" to check database 
connectivity and DB connect is dead (freetds says about it) I haven't 
got raise from driver. Is it correct?

If it needed I can post more debug information about all this situations 
(DBI->trace(4) and other)


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