[freetds] Argue with the compiler?

Hirsch, Jonathan jonathan.hirsch at gs.com
Wed Apr 9 12:12:13 EDT 2003


The answer to the permission question has to be yes because I'm running
configure as root, unless it's trying to create conftest.c in a weird place
or configure does an su - or something strange like that. 

I'll see about script and sh -x configure


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> From: Hirsch, Jonathan [mailto:jonathan.hirsch at gs.com]
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> Is there a command that you can give me that I can try from
> the command line
> to create conftest.c ?I have checked the permissions as you 
> suggested. They
> are ok as everything is owned and run by root.  


The permissions question is, Does the account running ./configure have
rights to write to the directory where cat to trying to create contest.c?
I'm still betting the answer is No.  

If you peer closely at config.log, I think you'll be able to tell which
directory we're talking about.  If not, I'd try "sh -x configure", using
script(1) to redirect the whole output to a file, and examine that.  The
configure script uses a lot of indirection and isn't the easiest thing in
the world to follow, but it does a fair job of reporting its state.  



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