[freetds] FreeTDS problem

Lowden, James K LowdenJK at bernstein.com
Wed Apr 9 11:07:13 EDT 2003

> From: Victor Gamov [mailto:vit at lipetsk.ru]
> Sent: April 9, 2003 9:06 AM
> I have problem with FreeTDS-0.60 and DBD-Sybase-1.91 on FreeBSD box.

Some of my favorite technologies....

> Sometimes connection is dead (network or other problem) and I see the 
> following message in freetds dump file:
> TDS: Write failed in tds_write_packet
> Error: 9 (Bad file descriptor)
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914383 inside ct_con_props() action = CS_GET 
> property = 13
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914407 fetching userdata 140690736
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914475 ct_send() succeeded
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914500 inside ct_results()
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914521 processing result tokens.  marker is  0
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914544 inside 
> tds_process_default_tokens() marker is 0
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914565 leaving tds_process_default_tokens() 
> connection dead
> 2003-04-09 16:34:29.914640 inside ct_cmd_drop()
> 2003-04-09 16:35:29.923092 inside ct_cmd_alloc()
> 2003-04-09 16:35:29.923168 inside ct_command()
> 2003-04-09 16:35:29.923194 inside ct_send()
> 2003-04-09 16:35:29.923226 ct_send() succeeded
> and so on. But I cann't catch this error in my Perl program even if I 
> connect with {RaiseError=>1, PrintError=>1}

First, can we isolate the problem?  If you turn on a DBI trace, is it clear
whether or not FreeTDS is reporting a connection problem?  From the log you
provided, it would seem not.  If FreeTDS is not propagating the error to
DBD::Sybase, there's no way your program will detect it.  

You might want to upgrade.  FreeTDS version 0.61 saw work in this area, and
Michael has called for testers of DBD::Sybase 0.99.  I suggest linking that
to a recent snapshot of FreeTDS and see if the trouble persists.  If it
does, I can tell you several people are looking at the FreeTDS network
layer, timeout handling in particular.  If you describe a reproducible
problem, I think we'll come up with a reproducible solution.  


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