[freetds] Argue with the compiler?

Hirsch, Jonathan jonathan.hirsch at gs.com
Wed Apr 9 11:00:13 EDT 2003


(5699) # ./install-sh --version
install:  --version does not exist

(5700) # ./install
ksh: ./install:  not found

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> From: Hirsch, Jonathan [mailto:jonathan.hirsch at gs.com]
> Sent: April 9, 2003 10:07 AM
> Looks like when I run ./configure it stops abruptly when it
> tries to create
> and then later open conftest.c. Any help or guidance on how 
> to explain to
> configure that I really do have gcc available and it should 
> have no trouble
> creating conftest.c would be appreciated.  Here are the details
> Sun Ultra 60
> Solaris 2.6
> Perl 5.004

What version of FreeTDS?

Could I see the output of install --version?

FreeTDS builds and runs fine on Solaris, but sometimes the build tools have
to be brought up to snuff first.  


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