[freetds] FreeTDS & PEAR's db.php library

Shawn Greene sgreene at azorus.com
Wed Apr 9 10:21:35 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I have been using FreeTDS 0.60 to connect to the MSSQL database here for a
long time, and it works great.  I have mod_php4 (v 4.3.2) installed with
SybaseDB support and this setup works great when using the mssql_* commands
to access the database.

Now I am trying to use the database abstraction layer from PEAR called
db.php, which claims support for the mssql connections as well.  and I can
load up a test page which connects just fine, but when I try to switch the
whole site over to the new database layer i've created (really a wrapper
around db.php which replicates previous connectivity methods and data
memebers) I get an error which stops me dead in my tracks.

It says that ./mssql.so is not found and dies.  The error occurs in the
db.php DBI class on line 500 or so (I don't have an exact copy of the error
message on this machine unfortunately).

Now, I know this may have nothing to do with FreeTDS, but I was wondering a
couple of things here...

#1 has anyone used FreeTDS with the db.php library successfully?


#2 how does FreeTDS allow php to use the mssql commands when
/usr/local/lib/php/mssql.so is not there for it to utilize?

#3 (part of #2) is it using sybase?

Any tidbits of info anyone can share here would be awesome.

Thanks for your time,

Shawn Greene

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