[freetds] FreeTDS Message Board

David Mohorn dm4714 at cox.net
Mon Apr 7 17:29:56 EDT 2003

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to inform you that I created a new site and message board for
the discussion of all the various technologies and open-source projects that
I enjoy the most.  It is my pleasure to provide the FreeTDS community a free
forum to discuss their on-going FreeTDS configuration settings and issues,
best practices, etc., in addition to this mailing list.   Please visit
http://www.micro-mess.com/forum/ for a list of forums.
It is my intension to also provide HOW-TO type articles to readers from
installing, configuring and implementing FreeTDS based solutions among other
things.  If you're interested in writing an article, please send your
submissions to webmaster at micro-mess.com   You do not have to be an author
for me to publish your article!
webmaster at micro-mess.com

Thank you and look forward to seeing you on the board.

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