[freetds] Committed: Basic UTF-8 changes

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Sun Apr 6 20:36:00 EDT 2003

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003 19:32:21 -0400, "James K. Lowden"
<jklowden at schemamania.org> wrote:
> Note: What's in CVS right now probably doesn't work.  

My test server is back online, and initialization of client charset
information is definitely not working.  It seems the freetds.conf entry is
being overwritten by information in the login structure, taken from
nl_langinfo() I suppose.  Result is, the byte/char lookup fails and tsql
ends on the assertion that bcp > 0.

No more time tonight.  Just trying to warn you.  


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