[freetds] indent

James K. Lowden jklowden at schemamania.org
Sun Apr 6 10:57:00 EDT 2003

On 06 Apr 2003 12:08:43 +0200, Frediano Ziglio <freddyz77 at tin.it> wrote:
> I indented all source file (token.c, mem.c, iconv.c and des.c) in
> src/tds.

Ouch.  This wasn't the best time to indent these files.  

I'm ripping Unicode references out of them right now; my local copy of
iconv.c, for example, is very different from what's in CVS.  I haven't
committed the changes because I'm not done recoding (I'll be working on it
today).  I asked if anyone wanted interim commits and got no answer.  

Thanks for the "heads up", however.  Here's my plan.

Before I "cvs update", I'll tar up my local tree.  Any files that come
back with a conflict, I'll delete and replace from my tarball.  I'll make
sure the resulting local tree compiles, and commit.  Once the code is
working, we can redo the indentation.  



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