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Thanks for the reply Swapna.. I still have this nls problem but this is not 
something major.. What I have now! is the parser(src/tds/config.c) doesn't 
appear to work properly on Sco platform.. I tried to dump what's been parsed 
(in function tds_parse_conf_section in src/tds/config.c) and it seems to be 
printing out the values which wre hashed out and for the hostname it comes 
with an additional newline
so for ex:  option = 'host' value = 'node1 <NewLine>').. Because of this it 
fails at gethostbyname_r function. I tried to hardcode the value to the 
gethostbyname_r function but still fails at a different point (at 
inet_ntoa(hostname) inside src/tds/login.c). I tried writing a small socket 
routine to test the platform and it works fine!. Any ideas?


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>This link might help you find the files
>It says this and more
>The iconv_open subroutine first searches the LOCPATH environment variable
>for a converter, using the two user-provided code set names, based on the
>file name convention that follows:
>FromCode: "IBM-850"
>ToCode: "ISO8859-1"
>conversion file: "IBM-850_ISO8859-1"
>The conversion file name is formed by concatenating the ToCode code set 
>onto the FromCode code set name, with an _ (underscore) between them.
>The LOCPATH environment variable contains a list of colon-separated
>directory names. The system default for the LOCPATH environment variable 
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>Thanks Bill
>I found the the C program and could successfully test it in Linux box.But i
>have problems in SCO box. Say for exampe I compiled the file t0001.c under
>freetds-0.61/src/tds/unittests. It compiled fine and when I tried to run 
>executable it came back with the following error (with verbose on)..
>t0001.c: Testing login, logout
>Entered tds_try_login()
>Trying read_login_info()
>Setting login parameters
>Connecting to database
>iconv_open cannot open conversion file /usr/lib/nls/conv/_UCS-2LE
>tds_connect() failed
>try_tds_login() failed
>There is no problem with user-id/password or connection. You can see an
>additional message (iconv_open cannot open....) Its looking for this
>Unicode2LittleEndian translation file in that particular directory (I don't
>know where to get the file from?). Is it failing because of this?
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