[freetds] freetds 0.61/src/dblib/unittests/t0001 core dump on HP-UX 11.0 when login to MS SQL Server 6.5

MD32 SHYeh3 SHYeh3 at winbond.com.tw
Fri Apr 4 01:45:51 EST 2003

  1. I try the dblib library unittests/t0001 and get code dump.(login to MS SQL Server 6.5)
    $ pwd
$ ls -al t0001*
-rwxr-xr-x   1 freetds    users         3603 Apr  4 14:18 t0001
-rw-r--r--   1 freetds    users         4005 Dec 14 22:47 t0001.c
-rw-rw-rw-   1 freetds    users        53904 Apr  4 14:18 t0001.o

$ t0001
found wehqdbms51.devadc2 for adc2dbo in "../../../PWD"
About to logon
About to open "wehqdbms51"
Bus error(coredump)

   2.Then I write a simple c program(see winf_sql.c) using db-lib to login MS SQL Server 6.5 and get following output:
$ winf_sql
start dblogin...
end dblogin...
start dbsetluser...
end dbsetluser...
start dbopen...
Bus error(coredump)

  3.Using gdb to debug:

$ /usr18/users/ddd/gdb winf_sql
GNU gdb 5.3
Copyright 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you are
welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions.
Type "show copying" to see the conditions.
There is absolutely no warranty for GDB.  Type "show warranty" for details.
This GDB was configured as "hppa1.1-hp-hpux11.00"...
(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr18/users/source/test/T1/winf_sql
start dblogin...
end dblogin...
start dbsetluser...
end dbsetluser...
start dbopen...

Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
0x7b0174dc in getpwuid_r () from /usr/lib/libc.2
(gdb) bt
#0  0x7b0174dc in getpwuid_r () from /usr/lib/libc.2
#1  0x000313e0 in tds_get_homedir () at threadsafe.c:235
#2  0x00027cb0 in tds_get_home_file (file=0x3b9e0 ".freetds.conf")
    at config.c:210
#3  0x00027e84 in tds_read_conf_file (connect_info=0x4000d198,
    server=0x4000ce88 "wehqdbms51") at config.c:247
#4  0x000278e8 in tds_read_config_info (tds=0x0, login=0x4000c690,
    locale=0x4000c650) at config.c:143
#5  0x00007064 in tdsdbopen (login=0x4000c680, server=0x400010e0 "wehqdbms51")
    at dblib.c:802
#6  0x000050c8 in iAPLogin (sId=0x400010f8 "shyeh3",
    sPassword=0x40001100 "shyeh3") at winf_sql.c:52
#7  0x00005248 in main () at winf_sql.c:82
4.Machine Info:
# uname -a
HP-UX amhp18 B.11.00 A 9000/715 2011093636 two-user license

# swlist

 Contacting target "amhp18"...

 Target:  amhp18:/


  B3899BA				B.11.01.20     HP C/ANSI C Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11.00 (S700) 
  B3907CA				B.11.01.08     HP FORTRAN Compiler and associated products (S700) 
  B3907DB				B.11.01.08     HP Fortran 90 Compiler and associated products (S700) 
  B3911CB				B.11.01.06     HP C++ Compiler  (S700) 
  B3911DB				B.11.01.06     HP aC++ Compiler  (S700) 
  HPUXEng32RT				B.11.00.01     English HP-UX 32-bit Runtime Environment 
  Ignite-UX-11-00			B.2.4.307      HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.00 Systems 
  J2559C				D.06.20        Hewlett-Packard JetAdmin for Unix Utility 
  QPK1100				B.   Quality Pack for HP-UX 11.00, September 2001 
  XSWGR1100				B.   HP-UX General Release Patches, June 2000 

 Product(s) not contained in a Bundle:

  DebugPrg				B.11.11.07     Debugging Support Tools 
  Glance				C.02.40.000    HP GlancePlus/UX 
  MeasurementInt			C.02.40.000    HP-UX Measurement Interface for 11.0 
  OMNIBACK-II				A.04.00        HP OpenView OmniBack II 
  PHCO_21187				1.0            cumulative SAM/ObAM patch 
  PHCO_24542				1.0            libsec cumulative patch 
  PHCO_25707				1.0            libc cumulative patch 
  PHCO_27774				1.0            libc cumulative patch 
  PHKL_24064				1.0            eventport (/dev/poll) pseudo driver 
  PHKL_25098				1.0            kmadmin; autoload; DLKM load; MO; eventport 
  PHKL_25475				1.0            PM cumulative patch 
  PHKL_25525				1.0            Probe,IDDS,PM,VM,PA-8700,asyncio,T600,FS 
  PHKL_25613				1.0            IDS/9000; file/socket syscalls; eventports 
  PHKL_25938				1.0            SCSI IO Subsystem Cumulative Patch 
  PHKL_27813				1.0            POSIX AIO;getdirentries;MVFS;rcp;mmap/IDS 
  PHKL_27980				1.0            VxFS 3.1 cumulative patch: CR_EIEM 
  PHKL_28180				1.0            Probe,IDDS,PM,VM,PA-8700,AIO,T600,FS,PDC,CLK 
  PHNE_24419				1.0            sendmail(1m) 8.9.3 patch 
  PHNE_24715				1.0            cumulative ARPA Transport patch 
  PHNE_24762				1.0            telnet kernel and telnetd(1M) patch 
  PHNE_24909				1.0            ONC/NFS General Release/Performance Patch 
  PHNE_25116				1.0            Cumulative STREAMS Patch 
  PHNE_26125				1.0            ndd(1M) cumulative patch 
  PHNE_26771				1.0            cumulative ARPA Transport patch 
  PHSS_26138				1.0            OV EMANATE14.2 Agent Consolidated Patch 
  TWWddd33				T.      DDD Debugger   
  TWWrdline4				T.4.1.1        Readline Library 
  WDB					B.11.11.07     HP Wildebeest (HP WDB) Debugger 
  WDB-GUI				B.11.11.07     GUI for the HP WDB Debugger 
  gcc					3.0.4          gcc

5.attached file:
Who can tell me what's wrong?

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