[freetds] Moving from protocol TDS 4.2 to 7.0 -> French char acters problem

ZIGLIO Frediano Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it
Thu Apr 3 11:11:44 EST 2003

> > From: ZIGLIO Frediano [mailto:Frediano.Ziglio at vodafoneomnitel.it]
> > Sent: April 3, 2003 10:19 AM
> > 
> > I create a table with some varchar accent
> Freddy, 
> As an English speaker and US resident, I use a keyboard with 
> no accented
> characters on it.  When I want to type the occasional Swedish 
> word, I use
> "dead keys" in X, beginning with ctrl-shift-T (in my setup) 
> followed by a
> two-character sequence that yields the letter I want.  To get 
> 'å', I type
> '^Ta*'.  
> The programs I use with freetds, tsql and sqsh (and freebcp), aren't X
> programs and don't let me use dead keys, so I don't have a 
> good way to enter
> "unusual" letters.  
> Do you have any suggestion for me, apart from new hardware or 
> remapping my
> keyboard?  
> (I think I'm only a little off topic?)

You can use convert like

insert into #tmp values(convert(varchar(255), convert(nvarchar(255),



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