[freetds] segmentation fault on connection down

Giacomo Cerrai giantolo at yahoo.it
Thu Apr 3 02:02:25 EST 2003

I'm using the freeTDS driver (0.61) and the DBD::Sybase (0.95) module on
Solaris (and Linux) to connect to a MS SQL-Server 7 database on a Windows
It works mostly fine but I have problems when the connection to the DB Server
goes down.
If I stop the DB Server or if the TCP/IP conn goes down, the application
freezes until the connection comes up again and I get this error:

Message String: Read from SQL server failed.
DBD::Sybase::st execute failed: OpenClient message: LAYER = (0) ORIGIN = (0)
SEVERITY = (78) NUMBER = (36)

This would make me happy since all the code in inside an eval {}
and I catch it, and of course I would try and reconnect.
Unfortunately, a few seconds after that message I get a segmentation fault.

Is it a problem in the freeTDS driver?
Any way to get around it?


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