[freetds] CT_DIAG Patch

Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at tin.it
Wed Apr 2 16:04:19 EST 2003

Il mer, 2003-04-02 alle 14:29, Suhasini_Sriramulu ha scritto:
> Dear Freddy,
> 	I have uploaded the file just now. I am unable to create the patch
> and submit the file in one go. So I create a new patch and submit it. Then
> open the patch again and upload the file. 
> 	If you check now you should be able to see the file.
> Thanks
> Suha

I started looking your patch... i  remember it some day ago... strange,
I haven't merged it!!

The time I started merging it I change:
- indentation
- ct_diag_* functions static
- ct_diag_clearmsg core on Linux (first it free buffer and than access
next on deallocated buffer)
(I think I erased all...)

Is late here so you know... I shouldn't code too late :)
If anyone (I didn't know ct-lib so much) revise this patch before


PS: Goodnight

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