[freetds] Misc fixes

Peter Deacon peterd at iea-software.com
Tue Apr 1 04:22:43 EST 2003

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, ZIGLIO Frediano wrote:

> > pid.diff sends correct process ids /w TDS 7+.
> > crt.diff adds MS runtime bonds/memory accounting for debug versions.

> Hi Peter!
> Thanks for all your work.
> pid patch seem bad; you should send a 4 byte client version (I'm not sure
> this is client version...) and than a 4 byte pid.
> I'll apply crt.diff (I had to modify it, this patch work only on ms
> compiler...)

I think the tds header is wrong and pid comes first.  If you run
sqlprofiler client id's show up in the billions.  Experimentally the first
byte in the comment for pid was actually the last byte and three back is
the actual start of the pid field.  With my change pids show up
correctly in profiler.

Have Fun!

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