Seg Fault on FreeBSD 4.5 / FreeTDS 0.53 / MySQL 3.23.47

Ian Kaney ikaney at
Thu Aug 29 21:58:59 EDT 2002

I'm currently developing software which uses links to both MySQL and to a
Sybase database, of which I am accessing using FreeTDS 0.53 using CTLib.

I have come across a problem though whereby when accessing the Sybase
databases, the program seg faults on the ct_results command whenever I
have performed a MySQL action previously. If you place the routine to
access the Sybase database before any MySQL work is done it all works
fine, as soon as it is moved past the MySQL work, the seg fault occurs.

To reproduce this occurrence, I simply used the t0002 unit test in the
ctlib directory, linked in the mysqlclient library and called a mysql_init
at the start of the program. As soon as the program hits the ct_results,
it seg faults.

Any ideas?

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