MS SQLServer 2000 and "for xml auto" command

Brian Bruns camber at
Thu Aug 29 20:43:24 EDT 2002


I did my changes, but it seems like we should have a definition for 
XSYBNTEXT doesn't it?  Can anyone confirm this?


On 29 Aug 2002, Frediano Ziglio wrote:

> Il gio, 2002-08-29 alle 18:36, Brian Bruns ha scritto:
> > tds_process_row() is getting unwieldy.  Post 0.60 work should include
> > streamlining this func.  Looks like we can simply test for
> > column_unicodedata and instead call tds_get_string instead of tds_get_n. 
> > I don't have access to SQL Server where i am now to test this.  Did you
> > break the switch out to a separate function?
> > 
> > Brian
> > 
> I fixed problem with ntext (and some other tsql related).
> I not added any function and not simplified tds_process_row.
> One reason is to not add possible unseen bugs.
> Another is this related to ucs2 coding. I think in next release to
> improve two think:
> - internalization
> - odbc driver
> We use for i18n an early conversion method (conversion from ucs2 to byte
> charsets just after reading from network). I think best method is a late
> conversion (convert just before returning data to client). So we should
> mantain ucs2 coding in tds and converting (for example) in cs_convert.
> This should solve problem with utf8. Also doing so is possible to change
> coding in the middle of the dialog.
> This is why I propose to remove unicodedata flag...
> freddy77
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