[OT] Using Windows domain authentication from Linux

Peter Hopfgartner hopfgartner at rolmail.net
Thu Dec 6 06:05:53 EST 2001

Dossy wrote:

> On 2001.12.06, James Cameron <cameron at fax.sno.cpqcorp.net> wrote:
>>(Incidentally, does anyone know how to set up a PHP script on an Apache
>>server under Linux that will prompt for and validate against a Windows
>>authentication domain?)
> At work, before the introduction of ActiveDirectory (which I
> believe lets you also expose the directory via LDAP) I was
> seriously looking at tearing out the relevant portions of
> the Samba code (once the initial BDC code was written) so
> that I could use a Windows NT domain to authenticate users.
> I never got around to it, and now with ActiveDirectory on
> the radar, probably never will ... but if there's a better
> solution, or if someone's already done this ... I'd also
> be very interested in hearing some details.
> -- Dossy

At work we use a Python script, calles NTLM (search on freshmeat for it) 
to authentificate against an NT-Domain controller, in order to be able 
to use an NT proxy.


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