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Steve Langasek vorlon at
Thu Nov 8 21:43:57 EST 2001


On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 06:27:37PM -0800, Peter Harvey wrote:
> As I said earlier... unixODBC has been working through some of these GNU 
> auto-stuff issues ('auto-stuff' is my term for the whole mix).

> So far we are using the following versions...

> autoconf-2.13.tar.gz
> automake-1.5.tar.gz
> libtool-1.4.2.tar.gz
> m4-1.4.tar.gz

> This has always resulted, so far, in a requirement to upgrade to one of these 
> packages... of course that depends upon your distro. Do not forget to 
> actually replace your existing version by specifying the prefix on configure. 
> For example; "./configure --prefix=/usr".

Well, Debian has all of these available as part of testing/unstable,
currently; not that that's much help to people who don't do their work
on a system used for beta-testing of Debian releases. ;)  I also think
depending on such high dependency versions tends to be a barrier to
casual cvs users who have only a passing interest in the development
code (or who have a desperate need for the development version of the
software, but no patience for installing 5 other tarballs on their
system to get there).

> Anyway; we seem to be making some progress but we are not done yet. I mention 
> this because it would be nice to have FreeTDS and unixODBC in synch with this 
> GNU auto-stuff.

> This could even apply to the use of a "make -f Makefile.cvs" step. The 
> unixODBC Makefile.cvs just does this...

My personal preference, FWIW, is to have an script that
will generate the files as needed.  Saves me those eight critical
keystrokes so I don't get carpal tunnel. ;)  Other than that, it's just
a question of interpreter, I suppose...

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer
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