(SQLServer 7.0)SQL Exception.:Error Code:0:Address in use: connect

nazareno.lamparelli at txt.it nazareno.lamparelli at txt.it
Thu Nov 8 03:27:05 EST 2001

We are using the latest FreeTDSDriver(TwFreeTds_1.0.jar).We are handling
lot of DB Operation at a very high frequency. The DB used is SQLServer

The problem occured in the following scenario.
After performing some 42,000 (select/insert/update) query consecutively,
we started getting error as  SQLException Address in Use.The error code 
returned is 0.After executing 42000  query,some queries were executed and
some throw the SQLException.But as we performed more queries, the number
of  Exception were increased and less queries were executed successfully.
Please Note that all the queries are syntactically correct.There is no
problem with the queries we perform.
Following is the error description we are getting.
SQL Exception.:Error Code:0:Address in use: connect 

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