Status of placeholder support?

Steve Willer willer at
Mon Jul 30 20:17:08 EDT 2001

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Brian Bruns wrote:

> > TDS5 is what I'm interested in. Can you give me an idea of how far along
> > it is? I'm currently experiencing segfaults while trying to log in using
> > DBD::Sybase and the latest CVS code (on Linux), so I haven't been able to

> > try it out myself yet.
> Ok then, basically the code now will create the temp stored proc for the
> dynamic statement (CS_PREPARE) and retrieve the descriptions back.  What
> remains to be done is to get ct_dynamic(..., CS_DESCRIBE_INPUT,...),
> ct_send(), ct_results(), ct_res_info(), and ct_describe() to go along with
> this. And then submit an actual values (CS_EXECUTE), which is a no
> brainer mostly.
> So, I'd say it's about 50% done, roughly.

Okay, thanks.

I got the latest CVS to work, by the way, by disabling deallocation of the
config structures (tds_free_config()). I guess there's a dangling pointer
in there somewhere. I didn't investigate further.

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