FreeTDS and stored procedure retcode

Ruslan R. Laishev Laishev at SMTP.DeltaTel.RU
Sat Jun 16 05:59:17 EDT 2001

Hello Alen,
	my environment is OpenVMS and only basic FreeTDS API (not DB, not CT). My client is C
program :

Allen Grace wrote:
> > Hello All!
> > I use FreeTDS only to call a stored procedures in M$ SQL, how I can to
> catch a SP
> > return code?
> You don't tell us much about what kind of environment you're running in...
> if your client is written in C, use the functions
> dbhasretstat() - tells you whether there is a return value, and
> dbretstatus() - tells you what it is.
> 0b_2zkz.htm
> for more information on how to use these procedures.
> allen
Cheers, Ruslan.
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