Setup on Linux with Perl

Ryan Ashley rashley at
Thu Jun 7 13:41:33 EDT 2001

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> Sent: June 7, 2001 11:32 AM
> >In the user guide reference is made to linking FreeTDS to a "program" for
> >connection.  What kind of program do they mean and how do I "link" them?
> >Is this a reference to something like SAMBA?  Or perhaps do I need
> >something running on the NT box?  What am I missing, here?
> Ryan, 
> You're not missing anything.  Sorry to mislead you.  That's just trying to
> say you can't type "FreeTDS" in at your favorite shell prompt and get
> anything to happen.  FreeTDS is a library and as such doesn't do much by
> itself.  In your case the "program" is perl, which is (dynamically, I think)
> linked to FreeTDS to connect you to your database.  Perl is doing the work
> of accepting input from the "outside world" (you, a file, a web page form,
> whatever), and uses FreeTDS to get the database stuff done.  That's all.
> The perils of English....
> --jkl

That's what I thought, but my Network Admin kept saying that he thinks I
need SAMBA, and I wanted to make sure.


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